We will collaborate through lots of texts, Pinterest boards, and even going shopping together if you need help!


My professional makeup/hair artist will come to your home about 2 hours before our scheduled shoot time. Then we'll meet at our chosen location and shoot until we are done. Usually when the sun says goodnight.

The Reveal

Let's meet at your home or a comfortable location to reveal your gorgeous photos! We will go through your images over and over until you feel good about your top picks. I will have beautiful sample products for you to touch and fall in love with. You will choose your package on this day. YAY!


I can't wait to deliver your amazing products! We will look at them together and relive your unforgettable session experience.

"Be yourself; everyone
else is already taken."

—Oscar Wilde

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What are you waiting for?

BOOK NOW- Click here

What are you waiting for?